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South Holland School District 151 is focused on creating a culture of excellence that permeates our system of schools. To do that, we are creating and maintaining an organization that totally accepts its responsibility for making District 151 a top-rate school district. That begins with the budget, which is fiscally sound, balanced and focused on driving resources where they are most impactful—to our classrooms and our students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Finance Department is to maximize our financial resources in a way that ensures the best possible educational services are delivered to our students. We remain steadfast in our commitment to communicating with our internal and external stakeholders about the district's finances and business affairs in an accurate, timely, and transparent manner.

What We Do

The department consists of three primary sections which include purchasing, accounts payable, and payroll.  Throughout, we research, develop and implement best practices to include electronic processes. This department is also responsible for financial compliance, including bond maintenance, budget preparation, and levy resolutions.


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Mr. Paul Woehlke
Assistant Superintendent/CSBO
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Mrs. Latasha Wallace
Payroll Specialist
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Mrs. Sharon Janusz
Accounting Specialist
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Mr. Warren Chestang
Facilities and Safety Coordinator